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10+ Romance Novella Recommendations

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Today I’m bringing you some romance novella recommendations. I’m so excited, I have been wanting to do this for quite a while, and it's finally happening.

Some of the ones that I’m going to be talking about have cozy vibes and center around the holidays, but there are also a few that don't, you know if that's not something that you're super interested in.

I have a little bit of everything so without any further ado, let's talk about the romance novellas.


I won't go in-depth with the synopsis like all the books in this post because novellas are shorter and so I feel like sometimes the synopsis kind of spoils the whole book.

Our blog posts may contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links. This helps support our business and allows us to continue providing valuable content. Rest assured, our recommendations are based on genuine opinions, and using affiliate links does not affect the product's price for you.

1) Talk Sweetly to Me by Courtney Milan

Courtney Milan is a historical romance author, she also writes contemporary romance but she has so many historical romances and more people need to read her because she's amazing.

This one is only 109 pages and it's available on Scribd so if you have that, check it out, and it is amazing. It's about Rose who is a young Black woman and she is an assistant of a mathematician or astronomer type of a person.

And she falls in love with Stephen who is a colonist and rests you need to find out. It’s really sweet, romantic, and quick to read. You need to check it out.

2) The Earl's Christmas Pearl by Megan Frampton

This one is a recent read and it also might still be on sale for only 99 cents.

Megan is another historical romance author that more people need to read, I love her books so much. They're amazing and this one was no exception.

It is about Pearl and Owen and leaves, Pearl gets left alone by her family at her house, accidentally, the two of them are neighbors and they end up spending time together because of that.

It’s fun, sweet, amazing, and it was kind of pitched as like the grapy and sunshine- sunshine trope a little bit and it said, even in the book, the earl, Owen, is super grapy but honestly, I didn't feel like it at all.

He was a total cinnamon roll, it was the thing where he's grapy but he's soft around the heroine. In the entire book, he's always with the heroine. He's just super soft. If you like cinnamon roll heroes, you need to read this.

He didn't feel that grapy to me. It was quick to read as well, this one is 160 pages. It had such beautiful cozy vibes and festive vibes and you should also check this one out.

3) Damaged Goods by Talia Hibbert

Now I have three recommendations for novellas by Talia Hibbert. In case you didn't know, she is one of my favorite romance authors so need to include her as well and I’m going to start with the absolute favorite that I feel not enough people know about.

This one is a little bit longer, it is 181 pages but it's still super short and so quick to read.

It’s incredible. This one is about Laura and Samir and they were in love when they were young, like high school sweethearts. Then life tore them apart and now they find themselves 10-15 years later, they still have such a strong connection, and holy it also deals with the fact that Laura was in an abusive relationship before the book.

Their relationship is sweet, tender, caring, healthy, beautiful, and safe. It was so wonderful but it was also funny at some points. Talia is an amazing queen because she has always been the most beautiful cocktail of emotion and like every good thing that can be in a romance, she has it. It deals with some important issues but at the same time, it's so romantic, sweet, and funny.

There are always the most caring relationships and it also is steamy as well. All of that together is the best thing ever and you all need to read this book right now.

4) Guarding Temptation by Talia Hibbert

This one has the forced proximity trope, it's about James and Nina. She is a political blogger, and she gets in danger and she gets death threats, and deals with a lot of disgusting circumstances. Then something happens and Nina ends up moving in with James. James had a crush on her for so long but she is his best friend's sister.

He doesn't want to do anything more than be friends. This one is best friends to lovers, proximity it's incredible. Those are some of my absolute favorite forced proximity tropes.

If a romance has it, I’m going to read it. It's incredible and there is a bit of miscommunication and they have a lot of agents and things that I don't like normally.

I guess no one likes that but I still felt like it could be a little bit frustrating but I feel like it's still worth reading it. It's still amazing and I still loved it so much do check this one out. Guarding Temptation is 114 pages. You can read very quickly.

5) Wrapped Up in You (A Kobo original)

This one is a cozy Christmas novella about Will and Abbie they have also been best friends for a long time and they end up going to a lot of snow and there's a snowstorm.

I thought that they would be stuck there alone which is not the case Abbie's grandma is there and a lot of cats are there and then Abbie's brother comes as well. It's so good emoji-like it has the best cozy vibes, it is so sweet.

It's fun and I don't think I want to tell you more about it, just- you just wait and see. You need to read this this one is 127 pages. This one isn't as steamy as most of Talia's books are there's only a little something in the epilogue but it was so amazing reading well. This particular book is an Kobo original and not listed on Amazon.

6) Mangoes and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera

I read this long ago I don't remember it completely. This one is a sapphic romance and it revolves around a baking show. It's set in Scotland. It is just sweet and fun and steamy as well. This one is 152 pages.

7) 12 Dates of Christmas by Rilzy Adams

This is a Christmas book again and I loved it. This one is the best friend of lovers again. I have been in love with that trope emoji-like. I have become a best friend to lovers now and I love the two main characters just like having 12 dates for Christmas and I think that's all that I’m going to tell you about it. It's super fun, super sweet, steamy, and great, you need it in your life.

8) Ate by Rilzy Adams

This one is another kind of short story, not a novella, and it is amazing to read. It is like, the heroine in the book wants to celebrate a promotion with like a fancy dinner, so she hires a chef and she wants to, have dinner with her best friend and he cancels on her but she's like, ‘I want to celebrate anyways’ and things happen with her and the chef. It's steamy, super fun and it's so quick to read.

9) Home for Christmas by Brookelyn Mosley

This one is more like a short story than a novella.

Sil from the book Voyagers talked about this one and she just recently made a post talking about holiday romances. I’m going to link that down below if you want more of them - and I don't know if she talked about it in that post, but she talked about it on Twitter.

It's like 50 pages and it's about- it's about an established couple who are in trouble, they're married and they haven't divorced yet, but they're separated. Their kid wishes for them to be together during Christmas and things happen. It's sweet and fun. It's great and you need to check it out.

10) Match Made for Thanksgiving by Jackie Lau

Jackie's books are a lot of them are available on Scribd so you know, again check that out if you have it. This one is a thanksgiving romance and the sequel to this is I’m going to put it up on the screen. That is one that I’m currently reading it's super fun and they get stuck in a snowstorm.

There's the only one-bed, trope. It's, you know, so much goodness. A match made for Thanksgiving is kind of like they're strangers, they spend the night together, and there's still something there in the air between them. They have a connection. Check those two out for some cozy fun romances that are super quick to read.

10) Being Merry by Meka James

This is another sapphic romance, I think 90 pages and so. This has forced proximity as well, they end up living together as well and it has the grumpy/sunshine trope and it's super fun.

11) Truth or Dare by Danielle Allen

This one is also best friends lovers where there's this group of friends who have been friends for years. Ad they get reunited because the two of them have a wedding they all come for the wedding and things go down. It’s fun, it is steamy, and quick to read. This one is 174 pages but I still flew through it and it was just so good.

Wrap up:

Honestly, I have so many more novellas that I could talk about not to mention my own (hint, hint). I can relate to novellas, I commonly write novellas, so in your honest opinion feel free to leave a comment; let us know what you think down below. If prefer to read novellas, and which are your favorite(s)? What would you recommend? Do you prefer reading novels, novellas, or short stories? Non-fiction, historical fiction, or memoirs I look forward to reading your comments. And, if you see anything in this article you'd like to explore or add to your TBR give it a try they're amazing. And thank you for stopping by....

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