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20 Gifts ideas for Authors and Writers

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Most authors and writers are usually big readers, and that's how the love of writing often starts. Not always, but it often starts because they're reading books and they love them, and then they usually want to write their own books. What does the author in your life enjoy reading? Do they like high up in fantasy? Do they like thrillers? Do they allow sweet romances or steamy romances?

Disclaimer: Our blog posts may contain affiliate links, which means we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links. This helps support our business and allows us to continue providing valuable content. Rest assured, our recommendations are based on genuine opinions, and using affiliate links does not affect the product's price for you.

20 Gift ideas for Authors and Writers
20 Gift Ideas for Authors and Writers

1) Books Recommendations:

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

  • The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

  • The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci

  1. Desperate Measures by Katee Robert: If your author friend doesn't like sex in the page, probably is not going to be a good fit. For them, but specifically desperate measures by Katies Robert is amazing.

  2. The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi: If the author or writer friend in your life likes younger reads like middle grade and maybe young adult.

  3. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke: This is a fun story where the characters come out of the books, books are not just intangible things. Characters do step out of the box.

  4. Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger: This is a fun steampunk read and a language. It's kind of upmarket fiction where it's not quite literary, but it's. I highly recommend this one for more of a young adult sort of freak and another middle-grade read.

  5. The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken: Quick as it's a short book and the language is a lot of fun for kids and it's about family dynamics and there are demons in there so that. Might be a little scary depending on maybe the age of the person.

2) Writer swag

If there's one thing I've learned about authors and then I have been interacting with celebrators and authors, it's swag. Authors love swag, shirts, hoodies, hats, you name it. They love it.

Of course. Authors like to have tons of writers and swag, some authors wear more than their normal clothes. That sounds like your thing. Check out writer swag on places like Amazon, and eBay.

3) Ergonomic setup for your computer

If you want to help the author or writer friend in your life, avoid getting carpal tunnel. It's a unique gift idea for you. The wrist pad for your keyboard, and you're going to have it. The ergonomic keyboard itself. There is also an ergonomic wrist pad for your mouse and there's also an ergonomic mouse.

You can put it in front of my computer and keep it so that you want your wrist to be flat when you're typing. You don't want it to be like this if you're going to your keyboard and resting your whistle on the desk, or you don't want to be like this. If your keyboard is may be higher than you are.

If you're sitting low and the keyboards higher, like bending your wrist. The point is in order to avoid getting wrist problems. This isn't a good present, but you can also get them like little wrist braces. When they're typing their key, you're keeping your wrist super flat because it doesn't let you bend your wrist.

4) Headphones and or earbuds

Before the pandemic writers. Authors and writers usually go to public spaces and work on their stories. The pandemic changed everything. If you are writing at home and you like music in the background. You love running to music or maybe you want to have white noise in your ears because you want to write to no sound at all. Earbuds and headphones might be the same for your writer friends.

When I do most of the writing on my laptop for my blogs and my freelance work. This would be applicable to your office front necessarily. There isn't an audio delay for live streams if you use a Bluetooth headset. For live streams and audio delay, people mostly prefer the wired ones it is a personal preference.

If your friend loves doing online gaming and they do like live streaming. One of the more professional headsets for gamers. Above is a gamer headset that can be plugged into a microphone in two so gamers can talk to their friends online.

They are super comfortable. If you're writing away and. You're right, a friend needs something to block up. It's not their noise-canceling headset.

5) Notebooks

This gift idea is common and it's cliché at this point, but if you think the writer in your life would enjoy a notebook, maybe they are one of the rare breeds who write without a computer. It's totally fine they like writing in Notebooks.

They probably need and want a lot of notebooks. What if they write their stories on their computer and maybe they like journaling? That would be a good reason to get it for them.

Look for something personalized to their tastes. Maybe their color schemes may be like a certain symbol, they identify with a certain animal or whatever they like.

Or maybe their car, like mine with their Renaissance fair. Get them like a leather-bound notebook. There are tons of different notebook ideas, but I would say be careful with this one because I get tons and tons and tons of notebooks every single year from very sweet friends and family members, and I simply cannot use all of them. just be careful. You know, maybe, maybe not consumer notebook if you think that's something they've gotten.

6) Blue light-blocking glasses

The blue lights won't impact your eyes as much and are a little easier on the eyes. Specially made me feel right before bedtime. To impact your ability to fall asleep and whatnot, you know how well you can see this.

If I'm sitting at my computer for a long period of time, especially if it's late at night. I love my blue-light-blocking glasses.

7) Money for tattoos

Probably not applicable to anyone but some authors do like tattoos. Give them a gift card or just straight-up cash in a garden, say poppy holidays, birthday, special occasion, whatever. Go gazetting keep always wanted these touches.

8) Caffeine

It's a pretty fair stereotype and one that at least I identify with. Are you to identify as a caffeine addict or maybe just drink a lot of herbal tea, which is totally fine too? There are a lot of authors and writers who love coffee.

I like a black tee. Maybe they're caffeine lovers if you ever go to their place to see what types of coffee flavors or types of coffee do like regular or caffeine? Do they like Tee? If So what flavors?

9) Mugs

Author or writer, themed, authors themed grammar themed mug, and also consider the size. One of the world that likes a super big mug or a little petty mug.

10) Book Ends

That isn't specifically if they have like a bookshelf or maybe an odd space of cookbooks, or then they don't have enough. Maybe books fill up an entire shelf, or they won't do something super decorative.

If the writer's friend is in your lifelike bookends, or maybe they have a weird spot on their desk and they add bookends. Be helpful to hold their special books up. There could be something that you get them.

11) Neck Reader Light

This one is also an obvious thing. If the person, the author friend in your life, loves to read a lot and they like physical books, a lot of readers, there's like a backlight, there isn't for some of the kids, but we're not going to get into that. Neck reader light

A lot of the new books, they're ones that like a wrap around the neck and then they get a light kind of shine. Also, the old-school clip online shines up and overhead that little shine into your book.

12) E-reader

This one is going to depend based on your budget. How much are able to afford? eReaders like the Kindle and Nook might be closer to $50 or so, but if this friend particularly loves Ebooks and doesn't read physical books anymore, this might be a good option for itself.

13) Writing Resource Books

It's not just non-fiction about how to write a book. It's also the other stuff. If you know the author or writer. Turn in your life is going to be self-publishing a book. There are certain resources that are helpful to know for indie authors.

a) Emotional Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi: This is fantastic for trying to name motions. It's not just named emotions, but it's like if a character is feeling angry or I just pop open to the page hatred. You want to be able to show versus towel that they are feeling hatred, maybe towards another character.

It could be fixed, set the shape, and intensive fevered stare clenching. Jaw-grinding teeth are rigid and defined forearm muscles. This is a great book to show versus towel emotion specifically and they have a whole series and it's fantastic.

b) The Anatomy of Prose by Sasha Black: This is like your Bible for pros and how to write it. She talks about how to learn from what she read. The best way to learn is to read books in each category and genre. Sasha gives examples and ways to. Learn from what you're reading.

How do they guess with, a critical eye, about cliches and filtering repetition, conflicting description adverbs, and passive voice.

c) The Elements of Style by Struck and White: It's a tiny little grammar book, but it answers the basic questions about when to put in apostrophes 's'. How to use commas as a semicolon. If you are looking to query literary events, or maybe you just want to figure out where to start your story in the best place.

d) The Writer's Guide to Beginnings by Paula Munir: It's a little bit old at this point, but the content is awesome. I read it years ago and I still think it's fantastic. Paula Munir is in literary agent that wrote this book. You're getting perspective from someone who does this for a job.

e) Legal Handbook who's by Helen Sedgwick: I highly, recommend this book if the author or writer is front in your life and it's going to be self-publishing and they want a little guide. I know how to do it properly from a legal perspective. Everything is explained in detail.

f) Register Your Book The essential guide to ICE Fans, Barcodes, Copyright & LCCNs by David Wogahn: It will help you with the copyright process when I was registering with the Library of Congress. I think it's how you say it, just to make sure that I did everything properly again for self-publishers.

g) Bookbub ads expert by David Gaugeron

14) Editing software

If your other friend is writing a ton, they probably need help with the writing. On the page you don't necessarily see the mistakes that you're making, especially for new authors, pinpointing when you're doing passive voice or when you have grammar issues might be hard to pinpoint the grammar issues and other issues in your writing.

If you're just getting started, or maybe if it's your own writing and you simply can't, don't have that objective perspective. Authors are huge fans of software. I would recommend Pro Writing Aid editing software.

15) Satchel.

If your writer friend is nerdy and is into fantasy, get them a super nerdy bag that they can put their laptop or writing things in, when they're going places, they have a cute nerdy bag to carry all their stuff.

16) Audible or audiobook membership

This is for the audible listeners in your life. If you're a writer or friend or author. Who is a busy person? Maybe there are parents, maybe they're going to school, and maybe they consume a lot of audiobooks. The quickest way to consume a lot of books. I highly recommend it. I have used Audible in the past and I am still using it I have earned quite a few badges.

17) Access to an online conference

Or some other type of events that they want to go to. This is for author friends that are go-getters. They want to improve something. They want to learn how to do their craft. They want to learn how to get in touch with agents better or how to pitch their books better. This is if you have an author friend they want to educate.

In some capacity, this might be another idea for a gift to get them. Also not super sexy necessarily. It'll mean a lot to them if they are the type of person that likes to educate themselves.

Or a master class that seems to be a popular option from what I've heard those classes have been good and thereby very successful authors. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about a course named Publish and Thrive by Sarra Cannon

18) Character art

For this, if they have a book that's coming out. Don't hire a character artist until they have a book that is coming out very soon because there are a lot of times when authors will write a book and then they'll toss that book and then write a new book and nothing usually happens with that old book.

You can do this if your author friend either has a publishing deal or it's going to be self-publishing their novel.

Just my personal opinion certainly could, Z's for a book that they're writing. I would hire an illustrator or maybe tell your author. Suppose, hey, this is what I'm going to do. Do you have a particular illustrator in mind? If they don't mind spoilers, and if they're not on surprises.

I don't recommend you're going to hire an illustrator to do the character art, don't do it yourself. Hire a person and then get them in touch with you.

Writer friend because you might not have the character descriptions and other things that you're right about or friends would know about their own books, I wouldn't go through with the character art on your own, but I would hire this person and then connect your friend with the character artist.

19) Custom Books Swag

Based on their books. You don't need a workshop to do this. You could go directly to like print on demand. Companies grab their book cover, especially if their book covers have already been revealed. Or maybe they already have character art created.

Grab it and print it and make like a couple of T-shirts, a sweatshirt or hoodie, a junk in a cute little tee, and put their foot cover on it or do something super cute and then give that to them. I think that would be, meaningful and sweet.

That might be, special to see their book cover on swag that they can wear. Make sure it should be meaningful. Check out Vistaprint if you want to make Custom Books Swag

20) Gift cards

To local indie bookstores, the pandemic and a lot of small business owners are still in trouble, particularly bookstores. If you want to support your community specifically local businesses, go and get a gift card there, if you all live close to each other.

If your friend lives in a different country, this wouldn't be applicable. But if your friend lives close to you, consider getting a gift card and then just be like here you go, get whatever you like. If none of these ideas works gift cards would definitely save you.

Wrap up:

What have been some of your favorite writing-related goodies that you love and use?

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