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6 Outsourcing Tips | Follow Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant!

As a person who's been in the outsourcing industry for the last 2 years, I've learned a thing or two about basically, are right ways. Ways that you can outsource. So if you're someone who is thinking of outsourcing, you're thinking of hiring a few people overseas or you've done this for a while.

These are going to be the top tips that I have that I've learned from my own mistakes when it comes to hiring and managing people online. Now, if you're still debating if outsourcing is for you.

6 Outsourcing Tips | Follow Before Hiring a VA!
6 Outsourcing Tips | Follow Before Hiring a VA!

Ask yourself:

  • Are you overwhelmed with the tasks that you have to do?

  • You don't have the required skills to complete the task?

  • Do you have limited time and have many tasks to do?

If the above questions' answers are 'YES' then you should definitely outsource your work.

#1 - The first thing you need to do is get your finances in order. #2 - You need to know the expected return on investment. #3 - You need to have the time to dedicate to not rushing the process.

1) Outsource the right tasks.

The first tip that I have when it comes to outsourcing is you need to know how to outsource the right tasks. You must start with what problem the person that you're hiring for solving for you and your business when you are hiring, you are looking to solve some sort of problem that you have, so it could be that you, your social media management might not be as good as it should be.

That's the problem that the person is coming in your hiring them that they can solve it. You always want to start with knowing what tasks can I give or outsourced to someone that could help my business.

You want to make sure that these are repeatable tasks that need to get done in your business that can then expand. Or something simple that I just used, which is social media management, which is one of the top tasks that people outsource anyway. It starts with some repeatable task of being able to post on social media.

Launch the campaign.

You can launch a product with that person if it's a task, it's involving that doesn't directly need you. Always percent, but he/she needs to get done in your business anyway.

2) Create documentation.

Create standard operating procedures that will help you and your outsourced team or outsourced employees be able to repeat the same results over and over again. You want to make sure that there's some documentation about how things are done in the business.

If I just talked about New York to show them what the goal is now is their responsibility to document how to get to the goal, or how they've gotten to the goal before, so this could be as simple as. Make sure that there is a sound operating procedure on how to post on Facebook, and how to write captions for Facebook.

Tried to look at taking apart different tasks that your employees are doing and making sure that there's some sort of documentation. In case, they get sick or they have to leave because life or something goes wrong, there is documentation that you can go through and review.

To see if things were done right or if babies take over that person's job as needed. There's some sort of security blanket, and also a way for you guys to see where things are at the site of the process.

3) Consider all Outsourcing Costs.

When you're outsourcing, there is reduced cost because. You don't have to get an office to pay for electricity or pay other bills that would usually come with an office. You don't have to pay for equipment. Usually, you don't have to pay for any allowances like transport allowances for employees because they're already for both.

However, you do need to also count for the cost of them being all online. Whatever tool you need. And I have a full list of the top tool, so you need when you're outsourcing. But one. Also, look at where the communication platforms will need to pay.

What is the different software that my team needs to be able to use and lighting that all up you wanna be prepared as a business owner yes, it might be a lower cost to outsource, but what are the other costs that I have to?

Think about being able to make this work. Under cost is just training, how are you going to be able to provide training for your employees? It could be in-person training, which means the cost is going to be your time. It could be a course or a book that you need to buy. Or is it just an ongoing resource where they're going to be paid to study or to train?

You have to consider these costs and are more prepared to cover them as you hire more people online next outsourcing tip that I have for you is to make sure that you filter your applicants. As you start hiring online or if hired offline, you need to learn how to filter the right applicant.

  • For example, one of the tips that I usually have is to make sure that you have some sort of Easter egg on your job app.

  • For example, where you make sure that they've used this fixed subject line or some sort of keyword insight.

Their application letter to make sure that they actually read your job at and they're not just mass applying for different jobs read through the jaw bed and understood what you need from them instead of just sending it to whatever email that they can find online.

Filter them right off the bat to save yourself the headache of hiring someone who will probably leave or doesn't even have. Skills that you need for them to be able to work with you now. Once you have good applicants, have now hired someone.

4) Set clear objectives

People say it again and again when you are the employer. It is your job. Your responsibility is to give your employees clarity of what. We're going to be moving forward.

  • Is it your job to give them the goal of where you want to go for what they're going to accomplish?

  • Working with you?

Again, this is something that they can't guess from just a job description for more, and you hired them, it has to be used. Setting the goals is clear and gives them that clarity to keep moving forward. When you're outsourcing, your client is probably not going to be in the same time zone.

You're not having to save your work schedule, so keep in mind that you have to set that clarity with them at the very start. And of course, as you work with them checking in on their goals, you're making sure that they do what they're supposed to be doing and making sure that they have there. The clarity to keep working even when you're not online.

5) Make sure to train your employees.

I've already talked about this a little bit when I talked about costs, but you want to look at what are the pieces of training that your new hire on your employees need to be able to keep.

There's always going to be some evolution of the skills that they have, especially in these times, so you want to make sure that you line up waters with things that they need to know and learn about your industry about their skills. And this includes soft skills.

Training that your virtual assistant needs. Need to develop to be able to work with you effectively and the main one is even being able to give and receive feedback when you're working online.

You need to make sure that they have training of being able to give you feedback as they need to and for you to effectively be able to give them feedback.

6) Communication systems.

What I mean by communication systems is to create ways that you can routinely check in with your employees without much effort. I also have a weekly planning agenda where I plan out the week.

Any other monthly check-in where it's a coaching call where we see where they're at with these communication lines, we can see if there's anything that they might need or a bottleneck, though it might be going through that we don't see as the employer to make sure that they can get things done now, as they figure it's your responsibility to set what is Sprite.

Cadence for USA rec pastes for you when it comes to communicating with your employees. So then both of you have that clarity of how can they, suggest how they give you feedback. How can they move forward if they're stuck on something having these communication lines or communication routines set in place will help smooth over whatever it is that you guys might be struggling with. Neck stiffness.

How could they suggest the company give you feedback?

How can they move forward if they're stuck on something having these communication lines or communication teams set in place will help smooth over whatever it is that you guys might be struggling with next step that I have for you is to check your resources or just simply keep in mind what your resources are now.

  • This could be software.

  • Training that you have.

  • Information that you have on your employees.

  • The resources that they have access to as well as learners and things that they could tap to.

What's the difference again was a tool that they can use when something that they can research and then they're comfortable that they will spend a vast amount of time on. Keep track.

Digital resources that your employees have and where they're at you know how many that you have. How many seats do you have? For example, for in Microsoft Office team, just making sure that you have a list of documentation of where things are at in your business so you can easily give resources to your employees as they need them next is to have an effective note-taking system.

This connects to creating documentation in the third tip, where to create a way that everyone knows how to take notes inside of the company, especially when you're having digital meetings, the action steps are cleared after the meeting and went to report when to escalate.

Things have a way that people can take notes. Some things are still well documented, even when things are moving fast now.

Wrap up:

The biggest step that I have when it comes to outsourcing is to care about their employees.

Nowadays when it comes to working from home, anyone can kind of find a job easily anywhere, but it's rare to find an employer. Who cares about them about their goals, especially as you try to build your company?

You want people who care about your business, to be able to have that, you have to show care to them as well. We can't be just a one-sided thing where they're giving you and your business their all, but they're not getting anything back so important.

Build a relationship with your employees so things can work out in the long run. Even if they do leave, they leave on good terms and can even recommend people or give you a recommendation as to the employer or different sites, or be able to give you testimonials of how well you take care of them for a first feature.

Applicants were gonna stronghold which gets to check the outcome. You want to make sure that you just.

  • You can ask them, hey, how are you doing?

  • Or do you need help with anything?

Asking those two questions is already powerful enough to be able to show your employees hey, I want to involve you guys in building this because chances are again if you're working a light there are plenty of opportunities out there. Just make sure that you keep the ones you like to make sure that you show your care in some way with your employees.

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