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5 YA Paranormal Romance that Everyone Liked as Teen | Book Recommendations

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Hey evil angels! Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite young adult paranormal romances. These are in no specific order, I’m just talking about my ultimate favorite, the ones that make me miss middle school and high school, and those times when all I did was read and not worry about school.

These are just books that helped me out when I needed the most books that are probably bad right now or problematic or just trashy but I just feel like I need to talk about it, so that you all know what my favorites are. The first series I want to talk about is the...

5 YA Paranormal Romance that Everyone Liked as Teen | Book Recommendations
5 YA Paranormal Romance that Everyone Liked as Teen | Book Recommendations

I like the whole series! It's so great, the characters are so funny. If you're not familiar with the vampire academy, what the hell are you doing?

The main characters, Rose and Lisa, are best friends and they love each other their friendship is so unique and lovely. I want to have that friendship with all of my friends. and if you're not familiar with the vampire academy, it has vampires who are in this boarding school for vampires and Dhampirs. Dhampirs are half-human and half-vampire, basically, they came into existence to protect the vampires.

At the academy, they get trained. The vampires have powers depending on air, water, and fire, among others, and the Dhampirs are just super strong and they can fight. In the whole series, we're trying to fight off Strigoi.

Strigoi are vampires who have turned bad, and Lisa and Rose must do anything and everything in their power to protect their kind and this is just amazing. I love the whole series, I read all six books because they're a pretty easy read.

The romance in this series, it's pretty hot. We have risen and her instructor and you can tell where this is going. This was hot.

If you want to pick up some vampire ya romance novels, pick these up, do not pick up Twilight.

Please don't yell at me. I already know that this is bad. I know that this is like the top of the trash, I know that, but my earlier self loved it.

If you don't know what Hush, it's about, it follows a girl named Nora, who's a human, and a boy named Patch, who's a fallen angel. Nora doesn't know that Patch is a fallen angel, but we know that because it's right here on the cover.

And Nora doesn't know if Patch is trying to save her or make her life miserable. A lot of things happen. If you're 13 years old, read it, you might like it. If you're an adult and you have never heard of Hush Hush, don't read it.

I do not recommend it to 20-year-olds or older, it's not worth it, but I mean if you are a teenager, go ahead and pick it up like you're probably going to like it. I still love it and every time I reread it I have an amazing time reading it because it was one of the first series along with Twilight that I ever read.

It was good and I discovered this because an old friend was telling me about it.

I know that this is a famous series, a lot of people have read the shadow hunter chronicles, and I understand why. They are amazing. The reason why I feel like the infernal devices trilogy is better than all of the other trilogies, or series is because the mortal instruments have six books, I feel like it's because of the setting and the characters.

I like the protagonists in this series. Tessa, Will, and Jim are mind-blowing. They are so beautiful, and fun, and I feel like I can relate to them, and their personalities.

If you're not familiar with the shadow hunter chronicles, these series, follow shadow hunters and they are half-human, half-angel, and what they do is they have to fight off demons and kill them to protect humans or mundanes as they like to call them.

I like this series because the characters are relatable, in a way. they have a lot of characters who read, who enjoy music, and have a lot of funny and sarcastic characters. I feel like this whole world is pretty easy to dive into, and the romances are spectacular. We have good pairs in this series. Pick it up if you haven't, and if you have, let me know who you like more: Will or Jim

Yes, this is not going to come off as a surprise, but everybody knows about Twilight, I hope everybody knows about Twilight because then what the hell are you doing with your life?

But if you don't, I’m going to tell you a little bit about it.

We have this girl who is boring and awkward her name is Bella, and she had to move to this small town named Forks. What she doesn't know is that in Forks there are sparkly Vampires who tend to be pretty creepy and just weird in general and she ends up falling in love with one and then her life changes miserably and that is about it. Do not read the series.

It is just like one of my favorites because it's one of the series that got me into reading it holds a special place in my heart, but it doesn't mean that it's good because honestly it isn't so like do not read it. just go watch the movies they're pretty enjoyable, even though a lot of people say that they're trash, they're not. you probably haven't read the books and that's why you think they're trash.

You've probably heard of it from ash and blood, everybody has been loving it. I have yet to read it. If you're going to be reading any of the series that I am discussing go with this one. You're not going to like to regret it, this is amazing. The Protagonists are cool and funny.

Description: I feel like this series is underrated not a lot of book bloggers talk about it, but some booktubers did talk about it, maybe Sasha from a bookutopia and Reagan from peruse project.

It follows a girl named Katie, she's a book blogger. Katie has moved into this new town and what she doesn't know is that her neighbor is an alien, and you might be like "I don’t want to read about aliens" Yes you do! This is a hot alien.

Black, curly hair, green eyes, sarcastic, best. However, Katie doesn't think he's the best because every time he talks he's just so arrogant and a [bleep], that's understandable but the reason why he's that way is that she's a human and he doesn't want to get her in trouble.

He has many enemies who are trying to steal his powers. It isn't until one night he has to stop time in front of Katie, that leaves a trace on Katie. Now she has a target on her back.

Damon must do anything and everything in his power to protect Katie, Cool! Honestly, the whole alien thing, like their powers, is cool and the author knows how to write sexual tension and all those scenes were so mind-blowing.

There are like three or four different editions but. This is a good series. pick it up, that's it.

Wrap up:

I hope y'all enjoyed this and if not, that's okay. These are average paranormal romances that I’m never going to let go of or stop loving. Let me know which ones are your favorite because I do wants to get into different ones and not just re-read the same ones all the time, especially if you have adult recommendations, I would like to get into those, I have a few on my TBR but I’m always open to more recommendations.

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